Bradley practicing his first hops

What’s the best way to get someone you don’t know to laugh? Show them a viral video, if the clip below is anything to go by.

Have you watched funny videos? Does it made you laugh so hard you feel like you’ve done a hundred sit ups?
Here’s a compilation of funny videos of those kids afraid from animals. I bet you’ll really laugh hard after this video has been done.

Over the weekend a thread on Reddit blew up asking people to name their favourite video that was 10 seconds or less. And boy were there some doozies! YouTuber Fraxinus Excelsior decided to put some of these clips together to create a very special challenge.
It’s the ‘Try Not To Laugh’ Challenge and I bet you can’t get through a minute of these short clips without giggling. I started watching and was determined to get through the entire thing without even a hint of a smile, but cracked at 0.30 and then pretty much every few seconds afterwards.

When did you crack? (I know you did!).

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