According to a new research, the first signs of cancer appear on the hands. It may sound unlikely, but it’s true, and you should make the effort to recognize them on time in order to increase your chances of survival.
According to scientists, people suffering from cancer often have rough hands and swollen and thick skin. The changes are not very noticeable, but should be noticed on time as they are very serious and accurate. Besides showing on the hands, here are other cancer symptoms you should pay attention to:

Wheezing and shortness of breath

These symptoms are usually associated with lung cancer. Most lung cancer patients have reported wheezing and shortness of breath among the earliest signs of the disease. However, they are often misdiagnosed due to the similarity with asthma symptoms.

Chronic cough and chest pain

Leukemia and lung cancer can cause symptoms such as chest pain and chronic cough – you should visit the doctor if they won’t go away after a while.

Frequent fever and infections

These symptoms usually indicate leukemia. This type of cancer stimulates the production of abnormal white blood cells, which can overcrowd the regular white blood cells and impair the body’s ability to fend off infections. If you’re suffering from recurring fever and infections, it’s best to check the symptoms at your doctor.

Difficult swallowing

Although this symptom may indicate other health problems, it is also associated to lung cancer.

Lumps in the armpit, neck or groin

Enlarged nodes are never a good sign – they usually indicate problems in the lymphatic system as well as breast (lumps in the armpits) cancer or leukemia (lumps in the groin or neck).

Excessive bruising or bleeding that won’t stop

This is a clear sign of some kind of problem with the blood platelets and the red blood cells as well. If bruises won’t go away after a while and you’re bleeding far more than usual, you need to visit a doctor who can check for leukemia.

Abdominal and pelvic pain

Pain in the abdomen or pelvis can indicate polycystic ovary syndrome or reproductive tract disorders. However, in some cases it can be a sign of cancer.

Rectal bleeding

If you notice blood in your stool, you should visit a doctor immediately! More often than not this is a sign of colon cancer, although sometimes it can indicate hemorrhoids. Whatever the cause, you need to get to a doctor ASAP!

Sudden weight loss

Losing weight all of a sudden is not a reason to celebrate – sometimes, it can indicate changes in the digestive tract which may be a sign of a benign digestive problem or colon cancer.

Changes on the nails

Any kind of changes on the nails can indicate some type of cancer – dark lines under the nails is a symptom of skin cancer, while pale or white nails may indicate liver cancer.

Although most of these symptoms are also associated with minor health problems, you need to visit a doctor and let him detect the problem. In these cases, you need extensive professional tests that can determine if you’re suffering from the deadly disease.

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